19 November, 2010


Cart, meet horse

The West Midlands counter-terrorism unit is apparently concerned that the activities of the EDL — or the "far-right EDL" as it uniformly called on the Today programme — are provoking radicalism among Muslim Yoof.


Or could it just perhaps be that the abusive and insulting behaviour of radicalized Muslims is provoking the White working class into active protest.

No, no, they're just higgerant siegheiling racist chav thugs out for bovver, innit.

Edwin- Remember the 'Undercover Mosque' programme broadcast on C4 a while back ?

It recorded plenty of 'hate speech' from assorted mullahs in the Midlands, about which the West Midlands Police did buggerall- instead they referred the programme makers to Ofcom !

If we have a Stasi in the making in this country, the West Midlands counter terrorism unit must be in pole position for such a role.

Was annoyed by this muslims-as-victims nonsense on R4 before I was even fully awake this morning.

Surely the most right-on "PC" bunch of plods ever.

I expect their crime stats don't make happy reading ?

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