26 September, 2010


Send 3s 4d we're going to a dance

Shock horror story in the Scottish Sun.

Apparently some excitable British tourist has found a bin of cycle or light motorcycle helmets in a shop in Turkey which were labelled
Siyah nazi kalkı
which apparently translates as "Black Nazi helmets". Said tourist decides to get his name into the paper has a conniption fit of righteous outrage, as does the Currant Bun, the noo. Now, I no speaka de Turkish, but that didn't stop me from doing a quick Google from the results of which I gain the definite impression that nazi kalk is just a Turkish colloquialism for this kind of light helmet, based on its shape and with no negative historical resonance. Ultimate owners of the Turkish shop, our very own Tesco, have donned their corporate jackboots and had the sign removed, doubtless to the puzzlement of the locals.

I wonder how the Grauniad would deal with this. Would their righteous disgust win out in the struggle with their desperate concern not to trample on the cultural sensitivities of a non-European, and hence victim, people. Tricky.

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