16 September, 2010


Quote of the day

I was minded to say something very angry indeed about this piece of venomous sanctimony in today's Guardian, but on reflection I'd better allow my response, if eventually any, to simmer gently for a while. For now I will confine myself to this quote:
Right across Europe, including in Britain, casual anti-Gypsy remarks are simply not taboo in the way that slights on other ethnicities mostly are today. Some of this, it is true, can be explained by distinctive facets of Roma culture, which do not fit comfortably within contemporary capitalist societies. Rolling caravans do not lend themselves to rooted integration, and especially when they are decoupled from standard western ideas about property rights.
Now isn't that just the dandiest periphrastic euphemism you ever did see for
Contemptuous thieving freeloading bastards who think they're above the law.

Mind you I do like this riposte from commenter MoveAnyMountain


Sarkosy is of Hungarian stock, and they have always treated their Roma worse than second class citizens, helping to deport many to Nazi concentration camps in WWII, and paying for the privilige. So no surprises there then.

So all Hungarians are to blame forever are they? The blood of those Roma is on the hands of all Hungarians for all time is it? That sounds a little familiar. Where have I heard that before? And Sarkozy is Hungarian is he? You mean like Lenny Henry isn't, you know, really British?

Is this really what you're saying?

Touché! Or possibly even threeché!

I wrote three proto-posts based on that editorial and ended up scrapping them all!

Our mission for today, then, is to visit the writer and decouple him/her from as much of his/her property as we like the look of. Since he/she is fully liberated from the values of contemporary capitalism, it should be quite a party.

(legal disclaimer: only joking)

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