02 September, 2010


Mitigating circumstances?

In my time I have worked with a colleague called John Thomas and done business with a supplier called Richard Head, and I was not surprised that a colleague called Miss B'Stard, whose forename escapes me, was one of the very few people granted ex-directory status in the company's internal telephone directory. So I find myself feeling a certain grudging sympathy for this miscreant

A spurned boyfriend ran over the man he suspected of having an affair with his girlfriend.

But Billy Anker, 26, was trapped by police after the imprints of his car's tyres matched the wounds on his victim's leg.

He isn't 'alf going to cop it off the other inmates if he goes down.

The bank I was working at loved it's new PABX telephone system.

So instead of an extension number coming up, the name of the person that extention was allocated to flashed up.

Unfortunatley it displayed in Surname, Forename format.

Nigel Bent came in for a lot of stick.

Doubley amusing, he was an ex rugby player who looked like Brian Blessed, how we laughed

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