29 July, 2010


Thank you, Sunny

I don't normally bother reading Edmund Standing's posts at Harry's Place. His long-winded "analyses" are typically tenuously grounded attacks on anyone he considers might just possibly be less than 100% sympathetic towards Jews in general or even harbour mildly niggling doubts about the absolute and unconditional righteousness of the Zionist cause. His usual targets are Muslims and the British "Far-Right".

Not that I have much time for his direct target (Operation Black Vote) and indirect target (Nation of Islam) on this occasion. OBV are just another tiresome bunch of opportunistic race hustlers playing the "I'm Black therefore I'm a Victim therefore give me special privileges and, er, money" game for all it's worth. And the NoI are a bunch of dodgy racist Black pseudo-Muzzies and allround nutters.

For what it's worth, I'd say Edmund's got it right for once. It would appear that the Old Bill made a genuine mistake by raiding what turned out to be an NoI "mosque" and OBV have overreacted, shamefully playing the Black solidarity card with no justification.

Not that that stops Sunny weighing in with a loosely argued rant. He really can't pass up on any opportunity, however contrived, to attack his bête noir, can he? Sunny's getting more and more irrational and bad-tempered by the day. It can't be long now before the "British Asian" with the second-most punchable face in the UK finally explodes, leaving a nasty slippery gory mess all over the blogosphere.

A plague on all their houses.*

I am however indebted to Sunny for the following passage:

Lastly, Edmund Standing, who Harry’s Place publishes regularly, worked for Douglas Murray’s Centre for Social Cohesion. This is what Douglas Murray said in The Hague to the Pim Fortuyn Memorial Conference on Europe and Islam in February 2006 (note: It was originally posted at the Social Affairs Unit site but has since been taken down without explanation):

The point here is that the whole deal under which Muslims live in our societies must change. At present we ask “why do they hate us”, “what did we fail to give them”, and suchlike. It is time the West woke up to the fact that the militants in our midst – however large a percentage of the Muslim population – will never like us. And we should not want to be liked by them – so we should stop flattering and playing up to them. Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board: Europe must look like a less attractive proposition. We in Europe owe – after all – no special dues to Islam. We owe them no religious holidays, special rights or privileges. From long before we were first attacked it should have been made plain that people who come into Europe are here under our rules and not theirs.

I’ll assume that Edmund Standing and Harry’s Place blog writers agree with the above then, shall I?

I wouldn't be at all surprised if they did. And, tell you what, Sunny-ji, so do I. Thank you for that quote; it sums up my attitude to our Muslim guests very well indeed.

* I originally typed "A plague on all their horses". Well, that too!

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