17 July, 2010


A sense of proportion?

Just listening to reports of the collapse of the firm Goldtrail Holidays on the wireless. Apparently customers currently on holiday will complete their breaks as booked and are then guaranteed a flight home at approximately the expected time. Bookings yet to be fulfilled will be cancelled but customers will, in due course, receive a refund.

That sounds a pretty impressive outcome to me. And yet it is being presented as if it were some kind of disaster. I'm sorry, but being deprived of your annual(?) foreign holiday is undoubtedly a disappointment, but it's not exactly up there with the great humanitarian catastrophes, is it? What next, counselling for deprived holidaymakers? Prosecution of the former directors through the European Court of Human Rights?

Go and visit a museum or something before they reimpose entry charges, and buy the kids ice creams on the way home. And better luck next time, just don't book an El Cheapo holiday with an operator with an unsustainable cashflow model and expect everything to be perfect.

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