01 July, 2010


Diversion rage

I'm not sure why people are upset about this, as reported at the Angry People in Local Newspapers blog. At least it's honest. Many's the time I've followed one of those big yellow


signs, in due course reaching the matching


sign without encountering anything remotely diverting in between. At least "Pedestrian Diversion" manages down expectations in a truthful, open and professional manner. More of it, I say.

Oh, and why is it I can never see the sign


without having to firmly resist the temptation to burst into a spirited rendition of
Cyclists Dismount! Get off your bleeding bikes!
sung to the tune of the Christmas hymn Christians Awake? To be honest, I wouldn't mind this mental tic so much if I just knew the rest of the words.

If they want to have a really good diversion, I find a nice juicy crash does the trick.

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