12 December, 2009


The world may not be your oyster

This is going to be fun. The Diamond Geezer describes a less well known side-effect of the extension of Oyster Pay As You Go to London suburban train services operated by National Rail.

It doesn't affect me, seeing as wot I am lucky enough to be on Oyster Pay Never (gloat, gloat!), but I pity the poor old REOs and the gateline staff who have to deal with aggrieved honest punters who fall foul of this cock-up inadvertently. Dealing with deliberate fare-dodging scrotes is one thing. They will lie vehemently with a creativity that might surely be put to better and more honest use, but in the end they know perfectly well they are banged to rights and will co-operate. But the ordinary passenger of honest intent who has broken the rules through simple misunderstanding, particularly where he feels that he has been unfairly and deceitfully "entrapped", now there is a truly dangerous beast.

I shall watch with interest.

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