22 December, 2009


The serendipity of the web

One thing leads to another.

I was checking on-line to see what times the Sainsbury's branch down in the Occupied Territories will be open next Monday (which being a bank holiday in lieu of Boxing Day), when, with no particular purpose in mind and very much in the spirit of the sorely-missed John Ebdon, I idly followed the Toys and Games link. Among the products on offer are a number of Hello Kitty-themed items. My curiosity piqued by this famously saccharine Japanese brand, I visited the corresponding Wikipedia page, which in turn linked to this gem on Wikinews.
"Thai police to wear 'Hello Kitty' armbands as punishment"
Cor! Wouldn't you just love to see that applied in the Met? The 'ooman rights lawyers would have a field day.

Isn't the web wonderful? Oh, and if you have been, thanks for listening.

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