13 October, 2009


Perhaps the BBC is getting it right after all

Bloggers of a Rightish tendency tell us that the BBC is dominated by anti-Semitic Marxists who distort news coverage and are systematically economical with the truth about the UK's multicultural paradise. Indeed the Biased BBC blog is entirely devoted to providing examples of this behaviour.

You might think that the Righteous Left would be happy with this state of affairs. This increasingly appears not to be the case. The always value-for-money Lenin is not at all happy. Mehdi Hasan at the New Statesman and Sunny Hundal at Pickled Politics (passim) express incandescent displeasure at Auntie's counterrevolutionary lapses in a) inviting some junior BNP types onto the wireless and then b) failing to scream at them in the approved manner, and finally c) not getting sufficiently agitato when some Spanish-Hungarian gyppo called his Moroccan-Indian dance partner a naughty word off-camera.

Now the good folk of the UAF are getting upset too. The comment thread of this post at Lancaster Unity gives a flavour. The comrades are not happy with the Beeb's treatment of the English Defence League, or should that be the racist neo-Nazi fascist EDL scum. Screening footage of the UAF screaming their lungs out at Manchester while failing to show important images of EDL thugs picking their noses and biting police dogs. Inviting EDL representatives onto Look North and treating them like real people, indeed. And as for that pussy Paxo on Newsnight...

The OP of the linked Lancaster Unity item is interesting in its own right and worth a read. The UAF are exercising their divine right to determine on our behalf who shall and who shall not be allowed to address the electorate at local election hustings by organizing their followers to intimidate the manager of the venue, followed by a demo at-site should the intimidation fail to achieve the desired cancellation. These people perform a valuable and necessary service in support of democracy. Perhaps they should receive a Government subsidy.

But this comment from that ubiquitous contributor Anon E Mouse is, if it is to be taken at face value, a cracker:
Anonymous said...

Dr Mathew Goodwin speaking tonight on Newsnight (the government adviser to the Far Right) glossed over the neo-Nazi activists who take part in EDL Casuals marches, nor their football hooligan connections.

It's about time the BBC were privatised, and stop promoting fascists.

11:12 PM, October 12, 2009

"The government adviser to the Far Right", eh? Now there's an interesting thought. And "It's about time the BBC were privatised...". I think you're getting your ideologies mixed up there, son.

So Auntie is pleasing neither the Left nor the Right. Perhaps she's beginning to get the hang of this impartiality stuff after all. Or perhaps it's all just a terrible mistake.

The BBC could hardly be thought to be anti-semitic. It is however anti-Israel. To some - the readers of Biased-BBC and Harrys Place - thats the same thing.

The obsession at those two sites with anti-Israel anti-semitic sentiments kind of explains the reason. What really does it matter if the BBC is anti-Israel, it hardly changes the geo-political realities, its a safety valve.

I suspect jews would be far more concerned about people taking an interest in their activities here than in Israel. A state of affairs the BBC is happy to go along with.

The trailer for next week's Panorama (shown after the Michael O'Leary show last night)was interesting in this context. It looks as if the Oct 19 edition of Panorama will be about 'Anti Social Behavior' , with special reference to 'racial harassment'.

Nick Griffin, is, of course, booked to appear on QT on Oct 22 where he will be up against, inter alia, Jack Straw.

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