23 October, 2009


The mind boils over

If this is true, if NuLabour really did engineer mass immigration out of political spite, then polite language fails me. I have been swearing steadily and creatively, probing the darkest nooks and crannies of my, if I say so myself, extensive vocabulary, for the past half hour. I have calmed down sufficiently to write this post.

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UPDATE (24-10-2009)

The linked Telegraph piece leaves the impression that Labour-party insider Andrew Neather has experienced some kind of Damascene conversion and is 'whistleblowing' on his former bosses. Now read the original Standard piece. He heartily approves of Labour's social engineering project and just mentions the background planning in passing, including the elite's cynical awareness that the people would be strongly opposed to it, as if this were an interesting titbit of no particular significance.

The solipsistic arrogance of these people defies belief. I have never really believed the conspiracy theory of mass immigration — that the Government is deliberately seeking to eradicate the native population, to "elect a new people" as someone (Brecht?) put it. — perhaps I was mistaken. Bastards!

How delightful of them to go to such lengths to "enrich" our lives. No wonder Tony's global tribalists abolished the death penalty for treason in 1998.

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