28 October, 2009



I normally leave this sort of thing (via Al Jahom) to the Libertarian swearbloggers to cover, but this is truly frightening, even more frightening than "Neathergate" (over which the BBC remains remarkably reticent).

Powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act are being made available to local authorities and assorted quangos.

Last time my council tax bill went missing in the post (or more likely was never even sent in the first place by the slave-labour organization the council have outsourced the billing process to), the first I knew of the matter was when the county court summons arrived. That was sorted out fairly quickly with a couple of stroppy phone calls and an even stroppier letter.)

Next time the first I will know is when the front door is broken down and the council's appointed thugs come to confiscate my computing kit for non-payment, probably closely followed by the Old Bill arresting me for economic crime and sedition.

V for Vendetta and Nineteen Eighty-Four are beginning to look like documentaries.

Come to think of it, Searchlight/UAF is effectively an arm of Government. Perhaps I ought to be a bit more circumspect about criticizing them.

* "Jesus fucking wept." (John 11:35 (Unauthorized Version)).

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