13 October, 2009


Een Stannat

I started to boycott paid-for newspapers some months ago and to my surprise have not failed in my resolve, but now that the Evening Standard has gone freesheet, I have an extra source of free newspapers for wrapping potato peelings and the like in.

The Diamond Geezer has an interesting post (and comment thread) on this development and its consequences.

The only thing that saddens me about the passing of the paid-for Standard is what is going to happen to the street-vendors. Diamond geezers indeed, many of them. It looks as if, in the short term at least, many will be employed as "hander-outers". I can't see that lasting.

Oh, and why Een Stannat in the title? It refers to a Two Ronnies sketch in which Corbett, dressed in his flat-cap and muffler chirpy Cockney chappie costume, was a newspaper vendor calling out "Een Stannat! Een Stannat!" Barker walked by and bought a copy. As he held it up, the masthead of the paper became visible and it did indeed read,


I seem to remember Ronnie B tutoring the vendor in elocution before we saw the mast head:

"No my dear fellow it's Even-ing Stand-ard, now you try."

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