09 September, 2009


Those men of no appearance get everywhere, don't they?

Listening to The World Tonight on the steam wireless yesterday evening, admittedly with only half an ear, as is increasingly my habit these days. They reported on the apparently persistent problem of racially aggravated attacks on Indian students in Australia. It has become something of a diplomatic issue between the two countries and the Australian education "industry" is suffering losses as paying Indian students are increasingly deterred from enrolling.

So who are the attackers? They remain unidentified, leaving us with the default impression that they are what most people think of when they imagine Australians, ie White people of British or other North European descent.

The reality may be a little more complicated.

The Indians and the natives in Fiji live out a perpetually uneasy truce.Pacific islanders generally are often as resentful of successful ethnic minorities as black Africans. And some Lebanese muslims may project their anti Americanism onto Uncle Sam's new best buddies in South Asia.

The BBC man in Oz, Bryant, must know all this, but chooses not to disclose such knowledge in his reports on this subject. I wonder why ?

Doesn't fit the narrative..

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