14 September, 2009


Just another little local difficulty

From the South Wales Evening Post,
Mass brawls broke out between Muslim and white groups on the streets of Swansea on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Around 60 people were understood to have been involved in the two connected incidents outside Swansea City Mosque on St Helen's Road and Sin City nightclub on Friday night.
Nothing to see here. Just another evening's vibrant social cohesion in the Happy Multiculture.

But there's something else interesting about this piece.

Look at the box in the lower right-hand corner of the screenshot (you will need to click on "Most commented" to bring this up if you are looking at the original page). It would seem that the article has attracted some 28 comments from readers.

Now scroll down,

I wonder where all the comments have gone. (If you compare with other articles on the site, the comments should appear directly below the "This story" box at bottom left, and there should be a "Comments" link next to the "Print" link.)

It was the South Wales Evening Post that printed a front-page "Councillors condemn BNP" splash before the last council elections, which quoted two Labour councillors and by chance gave the home address of every single BNP candidate in Swansea. Reminded me of the Harare Evening Post.

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