12 May, 2009


But of course he'll do the right thing

I am indebted to His Lordship, the Rt Hon the Earl of Cromer, for the intelligence that Mr Ledley King, a professional association football player, is not merely a violent drunk with an overdeveloped sense of his own importance, but is also according to this Daily Mail report a racist, having intemperately referred to one of the doormen, Mr Wahib Butt, at the nightclub to which he was refused entrance as a "Paki".

I am confident that, in keeping with the spirit of the Kick It Out campaign, Mr King will be promptly resigning not simply his captaincy, which would be an inadequate token of his shame, but his very employment at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, thus saving the Directors the unpleasant task of dismissing him.

Of course he will. Won't he?

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