19 April, 2009


Tales from the Multiculture: an unusual occurrence

I had an unusual experience when shopping at Marks & Spencer's "Pantheon" store in Oxford Street the other day. Not only were all three staff at the tills White, but they all spoke English with a native British accent.

It's so rare these days to be able to communicate with a shop assistant in central London without resorting to pidgin, sign language or in extreme cases an actual interpreter, that I momentarily found myself unsure how to proceed.

After finding my voice and executing my purchase, making use of complete English sentences, even venturing a small joke about how I might spend the chancellor's munificent economy-stimulating 2.5% VAT refund on a night of debauchery, I repaired in a state of shock to a nearby hosterlry, where a Polish gentleman furnished me with a pint of Irish stout.

You should write to the Daily Mail, put their minds at rest. White Britain is reclaiming the job market one till at a time!

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