31 March, 2009


They don't like it up 'em

Since this blog, and the blogosphere in general, seem to be preoccupied with matters carnal right now, I offer the following quote from yesterday's London Evening Standard for your delectation:
Ann Summers founder Jacqueline Gold is sending out bad vibes about City hacks. "If I hear the BBC's Robert Peston imply that he has 'told us so' one more time, without acknowledging that the media, and financial correspondents in particular, have been complicit in the crushing of our customers' confidence, I will be tempted to introduce him personally to some of our more intimate products."
As the Standard adds, steady on!

This post is respectfully dedicated to Jackboot Jacqui and Grubby Hubby in gratitude for all the entertainment you've given us in these doleful times.

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