24 March, 2009


Tales from the Multiculture: I know my rights

In a back alley in Soho, a Black yoot 'assumes the position' against a wall while he is frisked by a police officer. Another PC is in attendance and a further two look on from 20m away, the latter being foot patrol officers in pointy hats, so the four coppers had evidently not just spilled mob-handed out of a passing TSG wagon. Presumably not a trivial matter, then.

A group of Black persons, including a young man in his twenties, the latter probably UK born of West Indian heritage, are entering a nearby building. The young man pauses and begins to engage in a rant at the police officers, intervening on behalf of the yoot and making references to heavy-handed behaviour and to his rights.

Ah the joys of dealing with the 'entitled minorities'. To be fair though, it was possibly undiplomatic of one of the police officers to retort “I'm not interested in your 'rights'”, thus comprehensively enraging the young Black onlooker. I suspect that phrase is not among those approved in the official Home Office guide to Police on Dealing with Wankers in the Street.

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