17 March, 2009


Has Sunny run out of ideas?

The Daily Mail has published a mildly amusing little filler story about a pigeon which has contrived to get a discarded bagel stuck round its neck, forming an impromptu collar. Sunny Hundal parlays this into a hopefully more tongue-in-cheek than-it-looks post suggesting that the Mail is desperately descending into triviality as it runs out of story ideas. He even manages to bring in an immigration angle.

As we aficionados of the Interweb are wont to say on these occasions, WTF? It's a bit of fun, Sunny. A hook on which to hang a passingly entertaining photograph. All newspapers publish little fillers like this. As do many radio and TV news bulletins, usually in the "And finally..." slot at the end where the newsreader's voice either drops into sepulchral tones to announce the death of somebody you've almost but not quite heard of, or alternatively segues into a chipper little anecdote about plastic bath ducks being found on the dark side of the moon.

I appreciate that you're not happy that people aren't taking you as seriously as a mover and shaker in the world of British race politics as you clearly deserve, but this is scraping the bottom of the proverbial just a touch, don't you think? Tell you what, if this does prove to be a harbinger of the imminent collapse of the Mail, I'll buy and eat a bagel. (But I draw the line at buying it off some non-English speaking illegal immigrant rock dove. That pigeon looks as if it hasn't had a bath since it was a squab.)

Yes- and the well from which they issued never struck me as particularly deep either. A poor man's Oliver Kamm, sharing that bloggers pomposity and general outlook, but lacking the bottom of the original.

"He even manages to bring in an immigration angle."

Sometimes a pigeon with a bagel stuck round its neck is just...a pigeon with a bagel stuck round its neck.

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