23 March, 2009


Financial news from the Multiculture

Just been on safari into the heart of the Occupied Territories and I can report that the exchange rate in Woolwich is currently 242 Naira to the pound. It was not immediately clear however whether this was buy notes, sell notes, or perhaps the conversion rate for money transfers to Nigeria, and I was frankly not minded to enter the shop and inquire, lest the custodian not entirely unreasonably suspect that my interest was more urolytic than monetary.

Just thought you'd like to know that.

The economy of South East London is evidently thriving, particularly in the telephone card, PAYG SIM and mobile unlocking sector. How much of this activity is relevant or contributory to the greater economy of the United Kingdom is another matter entirely.

'Urolytic', what the fu...

One, or possibly both, of us may be taking the piss here.

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