07 March, 2009


Don't count your chickens before they've roosted

Writing in 2007 on the subject of mass immigration into Ireland, Kevin Myers opined
In all, Ireland has received at least 600,000 immigrants, most of them within the past five years. It could be many more. No one has the least idea.

In the US, such immigration would translate into an inward population movement of 45 million. In the UK, the figure would be nine million. Needless to say, neither state would be so idiotic or feckless as allow such vast numbers to enter.

Only Ireland would be so idiotic and so morally lethargic as to allow such massive inward population movements.

Nine million immigrants into the UK would represent 15%. Comparing that against the ONS's 1-in-9 (11%) bombshell, we're getting there Kevin, we're getting there. All too rapidly.

I fear your kind estimates of our national levels of idiocy and fecklessness may not be soundly based.

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