13 October, 2008


Idiot of the day

What a pity that all prospective illegal immigrants are not as incompetent as this one.

Update Su 18 Jan 2009

It seems the linked article has expired from the Gainsborough Standard website. I do wish newspapers would make their minds up whether they are going to run their sites as permanent archives or as transient newsfeeds. The link looked reassuringly permanent when I originally posted it. Anyway here, from memory, is the gist of the story.

A Nigerian man presents himself at the immigration desk at Heathrow. He proffers documentation, subsequently determined to be forged, to show that has a place on a university course in the UK. He also provides details of the UK address at which he plans to reside during his course.

Unfortunately, while the university he proposes to attend is in Northern Ireland, the residential address is in Essex. The immigration officers question the man about how he proposes to manage the daily commute, a round-trip estimated at about 10 hours. They further question how he proposes to follow his lectures, given that his English is so poor that an interpreter is needed.

The man finally admits that he is fact planning to work illegally in the UK and is put on a flight back to Lagos.

Now that made me laugh. :-)

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