12 September, 2008


End of world postponed

A nice litte slipette on Wednesday nights BBC Radio 4 news (22:00) in a piece about the formal "opening" of the Large Hadron Collider.
Physicians all over the world are celebrating...
Perhaps they were rejoicing at the prospects for advances in medical isotopes.

The ballyhoo about the LHC is bizarre. Presumably this is driven by the noise created by the millenniallist doomsayers who predict that the LHC will generate an earth-swallowing black hole or a swarm of strangelets which will turn us all into a grey goo. (Grey goo? Eric Drexler, where are you now?)

I wonder if the doomsayers have realized yet that they have been had. As I understand it from my sporadic perusal of the blanket coverage on the rolling news channels, Wednesday's activities consisted of tuning the guidance of proton beams around the ring, one direction at a time. No actual collisions took place.

Prepare even yet to meet thy doom. What would the late, great Stanley Green have made of it all?

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