26 August, 2008


Nostra culpa

The ludicrous "Dr" Derrick Campbell tells us that the Government is "leaving Black youths to die" on the streets because it is not pumping in ever more Danegeld into the Black Hole of trying to make Da Black Yoot feel good about itself so that it doesn't have to relieve its frustration by going round stabbing and a'shooting and a'robbing and a'raping and gets itself good jobs as rappers and MCs an' stuff or selling mobile phones in High Street shops instead of stealing them.

At least the relevant minister (McNulty, was it?), when interviewed on the Today programme, had the self-confidence to disagree with the ranting Campbell, and in a somewhat begrudging, grumpy manner too, rather than grovelling and offering to give yet more huge amounts of moolah to the "Black Community".

Meanwhile in last weekend's Sunday Times we find a bizarre attempt to rehabilitate the reputation of the late Steven Bigby as some kind of latter-day Robin Hood.

Thus we see the fruits of the Victim culture that White Liberal society has "imposed" upon unfortunate oppressed Black people traumatized by folk memories of slavery, colonialism, exploitation and discrimination. Isn't it about time these people grew up and started taking responsibility for their own lives?

Jesus K. Reist!

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