28 August, 2008


Benefits of immigration

If, as Danny Sriskandarajah and all the usual suspects would have us believe, immigrants are contributing in financial terms to the UK economy, why is it that every third "ethnic" shop I see is offering money transfer services? OK, I exaggerate the numbers, but really not that much. Money transfer services, audited and hawala, are everywhere. Just how much of our GDP is disappearing overseas through this channel?

Effectively what we have here is onshore offshoring. Instead of paying money to overseas businessmen to buy and import goods off them, we are importing people to do "direct" work here. We are paying their infrastructure costs, treating their ailments and attempting to educate their children, but their profits are disappearing overseas.

And how much does what little spending that these immigrants do actually benefit the indigenous community. When you last saw your local Chinese takeaway/chippy being redecorated or refurbed, what was the ethnicity of the people doing the work, I wonder.

Sorry guys, I don't buy it.

26 August, 2008


Nostra culpa

The ludicrous "Dr" Derrick Campbell tells us that the Government is "leaving Black youths to die" on the streets because it is not pumping in ever more Danegeld into the Black Hole of trying to make Da Black Yoot feel good about itself so that it doesn't have to relieve its frustration by going round stabbing and a'shooting and a'robbing and a'raping and gets itself good jobs as rappers and MCs an' stuff or selling mobile phones in High Street shops instead of stealing them.

At least the relevant minister (McNulty, was it?), when interviewed on the Today programme, had the self-confidence to disagree with the ranting Campbell, and in a somewhat begrudging, grumpy manner too, rather than grovelling and offering to give yet more huge amounts of moolah to the "Black Community".

Meanwhile in last weekend's Sunday Times we find a bizarre attempt to rehabilitate the reputation of the late Steven Bigby as some kind of latter-day Robin Hood.

Thus we see the fruits of the Victim culture that White Liberal society has "imposed" upon unfortunate oppressed Black people traumatized by folk memories of slavery, colonialism, exploitation and discrimination. Isn't it about time these people grew up and started taking responsibility for their own lives?

Jesus K. Reist!

21 August, 2008


Plain tales from the Monoculture

I have just spent several days in Wigan on personal business. Despite having been born and brung up in South Lancashire, Wigan is a place I have never had the pleasure of visiting before. An unexpectedly pleasant and rather comfortable town which belies its dour music-hall image, though judging from the startling number of pubs and clubs in the town centre, one with a possibly over-excitable night life. King Street might be better named "The Street of 1,000 boozers". Regrettably I didn't get round to visiting the famous pier, despite it being signposted from the station.

Shortly after arriving I had occasion to pop into a "convenience shop", where I experienced a disorientating shock. The staff of the shop were not only White, but English. As one normally based in the Metrollops, it took me a little while to assimilate this seeming anomaly. And throughout my admittedly short stay, I saw no more than a dozen non-White people in the streets and shops. Even the chambermaids in my hotel were White and spoke with an accent which would have made George Formby feel at home. The only non-White person I actually interacted with was a middle-aged West Indian chap issuing tickets at one of the railway stations.

So here is an English town which seems to function perfectly well with a minimal non-White, indeed a minimal non-English population. Yet the Liberal Elite tell us that we "need immigrants to do the jobs the English won't do". Chaps, in Wigan, the English are doing the jobs, thank you very much.

10 August, 2008


Mishearing of the day

Half listening to The Radio 4 Appeal (what used to be less prissily known as The Week's Good Cause) on the steam wireless. Today's celebrity appellant is asking for support for something called "African Initiatives". She concludes,
African Initiatives continues to work with ... communities in Kenya and Tanzania

Or as I heard it through my sleep-clogged ears:
African Initiatives continues to work with ... communities in Ghana and Thamesmead.

Yep, that just about sums it up.

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