20 July, 2008


Plain Tales from the Multiculture

So you go into a pub and buy a pint of Guinness. Now, as any fule kno, Guinness takes quite a while to pour; pouring Guninness requires a certain skill and patience. If you can pour a pint in the same time as it takes to pour a pint of, if you'll pardon me mentioning the evil fluid, Foster's, without ending up with a glass full of foam, then there is something wrong, probably with the nitrogen pressure.

In other circumstances the bar-person would have recognised the problem and dealt with it. If the "bar associate" were perhaps a part-trained newbie, I might have explained the problem and arranged a satisfactory solution. But unfortunately the young lady was clearly newly arrived from the European mainland, with an unidentifiable accent and and an extremely weak command of English outside her scripted repertoire.

I cut my losses, accepted the drink, a shortly after left having sipped a couple of cc's to confirm my evaluation. Chalk up £3.13 to the multiculture.

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