04 December, 2007


Headline of the week

Just another piece in the unfolding jigsaw of sleaze that is Donorgate, but oh what a headline in yesterday's Torygraph.
Bogus wife tells of cash bags and a pink Elvis
"'Ere darling, you wanna come back to my place and see my 7ft pink Elvis?"

What a jolly strange chap Mr Abrahams turns out to be. With friends like that Broon is digging himself well and truly into the broon stuff.

Not that it makes any odds. If the avalanche of incompetence, cupidity and sleaze that has marked the short reign of the Clunking Fist were by some remote chance to cause the fall of the current regime, it would be replaced by the Cameroons and Blue Labour and, as Laban reminds us, the Great Ethnic Replacement Project would continue unabated.

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