08 December, 2007


The centre cannot hold

I would have posted a screen capture, because this will have disappeared or have been corrected by the time you read this, but I haven't installed Paintshop Pro on this new laptop yet and I can't make sense of the preinstalled software. Microsoft fucking Vista Home fucking Premium. Runs like a one-legged tortoise in quicksand. I must back-install XP when I get the chance.

This morning the Today programme did an interview with Lord Goldsmith on the forthcoming release of a number of UK-based trouble makers from Gitmo. As usual, the website http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/ has a link to a streaming audio replay of the piece. It is titled:
08:10 Britains released
Ouch! Britains? This is the fucking BBC for Christ's sake. What are they employing for sub-editors (or their web equivalent) these days? Monkeys? Products of the UK's state ejukashun system?

And who are these people to deserve the name of Britons anyway? Assorted so-called refugees from the Maghreb and the Middle East with apparent connections to people who want to kill us. Britons? Do me a favour!

(I'm not normally given to swear-blogging. But today I will make an exception.)

Update (2007-12-09): Laban has posted a screenshot of the solecism.

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