23 September, 2007


Search me!

I did find myself double-checking the date on this Daily Mail article when it informed me that the suite of tests used to assess the suitability of candidates for the police force is called Structured Entrance Assessment for Recruiting Constables Holistically.

SEARCH, geddit!!?!

Tortuous backronyms are usually tongue-in-cheek and intended in part at least to amuse. Please let this be a joke. The sad thing is that the tosser who thought this one up was almost certainly deadly serious.

Hat-tip to bfb.

18 September, 2007


Crying wolf...

The Today programme was interviewing people queuing outside a Northern Rock branch. One patiently waiting accountholder explained that he had intended to leave his savings deposited with Northern Rock but had changed his mind after the Chancellor finally spoke up to reassure people that their money was safe and that its safety was underwritten by the Government.

After ten years of lies, spin and broken promises the impact of a New Labour promise is not simply nil but is actually negative.

09 September, 2007


Pay attention at the back there, Lester

From an article, dated 7 September 2007, on the clumsy and error-prone Government-subsidized anti-White website Blink
The British Peoples Party run by ex-BNP leader John Tyndall, who was kicked out of Nick Griffin's neo-Nazi party for being too extreme, was today fuming at Downing Street's decision.
Mr Tyndall is actually referred to on the BPP's rather tacky website as their "spiritual leader", which, considering he's been dead for over two years, is rather a rather more accurate description than Blink seems to be able to manage.

02 September, 2007


Asylum shopping

I was listening to an item on the BBC World Service about a young man originally from Rwanda. A bright and educated individual who is currently making a documentary about the Rwandan Genocide. Of mixed Tutsi and Hutu parentage, his position was clearly untenable at the time of the genocide. He managed to escape first to Goma and, having managed to earn some money, onward to Kenya. Now, even someone as jaundiced as I about the asylum game has to agree that this guy deserves sympathy. One wonders how the Interahamwe would have dealt with him: order his Hutu half to butcher his Tutsi half, perhaps.

He would have been safe enough in Kenya, but no, that wasn't good enough. He trotted straight round to the UK High Commission and asked for, and was of course granted, asylum in Britain.

And so the tap drips on.

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