18 August, 2007


Words fail me

Baby dies after mother is forced to deliver it herself in hospital ...

09 August, 2007


The Real Boris Johnson

At least according to Government-funded anti-White website BLINK.

Many thanks, Lester and Co. The Blond One has just gone up several points in my estimation. Playfully colourful language apart, most of the Utterances of Boris that you quote seem entirely sensible to me.

Hat tip to The Bird's Eye View.

02 August, 2007


Red white and blue

I don't particularly want this blog to become known as a BNP apologist site, but precisely what the fuck has the planned Red White and Blue festival, a BNP social shindig to be held this year in Denby, Derbyshire, got to do with the Fire Brigades Union? The function of the FBU is to represent the interests of firefighters in relation to their work, not to involve itself in wider social issues and general political viewpoints.

So what's the excuse for them putting their oar in? Are they perchance expecting the massed BNPers to kidnap Blacks and South Asians from Derby and Nottingham, transport them to their festival site and set them alight for the entertainment of their kids?

I am reminded of my own dear trades union, which shall remain nameless here. They sent a delegate to a UAF conference. In a rather cursory report back in a subsequent copy of the union's monthly rag, the delegate was at pains to justify his sponsored involvement with UAF with a trades union link. Hitler, he argued, once he gained power, banned or otherwise emasculated the trade unions in pre-War Germany. Consequently it was essential to support the work of UAF in preventing the BNP from gaining power. Nice bit of rhetorical footwork, comrade.

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