08 October, 2006


Something cheerful

Apart from some extremely lame jokes, this rather sporadic blog is mostly full of gloom and doom about race relations and immigration. Here's something cheerful for a change. Yesterday I saw a hen party out on the town. Someone had taken advantage of the availability of cheap customized T-shirts and instead of the usual get-up, each woman wore jeans and a tastefully done white T-shirt with H3N DO, done in the style of a car registration plate, with an "L" plate hanging from it, printed on the front, and advising us of Debbie's forthcoming nuptials.

But it was the finishing touch that made me smile. Across the back of each shirt was printed the individual's role in the celebrations, rather like the way the various emergency services have their role – Police, Fire, Paramedic, and so on – printed across the back of their HV jackets. Most of them read "Bride's Friend", apart from one somewhat older woman, who confirmed my suspicions when she turned round to reveal the words "Mother of Bride".

Nicely done, girls.

Sometimes I think my own blog and comments are just misery and pessimism. Then I view this blog and think to myself good God, I am actually pretty optimistic!

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