14 November, 2005


After the rioting's over

Commenters on the Left have, predictably enough, blamed the French riots on poverty and isolation arising out of White racism. Those on the right have been more inclined to blame that poverty and isolation on Muslim separatism, indolence and a benefits/victimhood culture.

But both tendencies see the solution in terms of "integration", greater participation by minorities in the broader French society; they differ mostly in saying who should make most of the effort.

That's all very nice, but I have a question. What if the indigenous French majority don't want to be integrated into on such a scale -- a process that will inevitably have a modifying effect on the host society? Racist bastards, you say? Well, only because they are White Europeans. A culture's desire to maintain its cultural and ethnic integrity, to deal primarily with "its own kind", would be regarded as normal and healthy for any other group.

In the UK we have achieved a superficially more successful integration of our largely uninvited guests, but it is held in place by a covert culture of "positive" discrimination and subsidy, enforced by a taboo on critical comment. "You will love your Black neighbour and clasp him to your collective bosom!" "Look, guv, he's a nice enough geezer and all that, and I wish him no harm, but I prefer being with my own people." "Racist scum! Off to gaol with you!"

You can't force the indigenous French to accept the beurs and the nègres. And if they won't...

Interesting times.

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