26 August, 2005


An Asian Sweeney Todd

Laban brings to our fascinated attention a heart-warming story of cultural integration in Britain's multicultural paradise. I do hope his lurid speculation about the disposal of the body turns out to be incorrect. I too have eaten Holland's pies.

This paragraph in the Accrington Observer report is interesting:

When he appeared before court on Monday, Arshad wore a maroon top with white stripes and spoke only to confirm his name and address through an interpreter.
(My emphasis.)

A recent report (I forget quite where but it was in the context of high unemployment among ethnic minorities) said that over 60% of men from the Bangladeshi and Pakistani "communities" had an inadequate command of English. I'd be interested to know how long this Mohammed Arshad geezer has been in the country, and on what basis.

22 August, 2005


The name has been changed to protect the guilty

I created this blog inadvertently several months ago. All I was trying to do was create a Blogger account so I could comment non-anonymously on other people's blogs. The original name, A Tetrapod's Lament, was a bit of panic choice — it would be nice if it was easier to test which domain names are already in use before starting the process. I have renamed the blog something less pompous. Whether any actual posts will follow remains to be seen.

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