28 June, 2010


It stills sounds better in foreign

I wrote recently of how I find grand opera difficult to listen to when it's sung in English, as the combined pomposity and inescapable ridiculousness of the performance tends to give me the giggles.

I've just been listening to Ute Lemper sings Kurt Weill, a compilation of Weill songs sung by the gorgeous chantoose Ute Lemper, who is now embarking on the MILF phase of her career with a dark brown voice to match. Among the songs on the album is "Das Lied des Lotterieagenten" from Der Silbersee. This paean to capitalistic greed is sung in a sexy, alluring tone throughout but die Lemper manages to impart an almost orgasmic undercurrent of wickedness to the phrase repeated at the end of each verse:
Zins und Zinseszins
I wonder if she could manage to do the same with an English translation, even with her sexily exotic accent:
Interest, and compound interest
I can't quite imagine it somehow.

Some things just sound better in foreign.


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